Design Your Own Custom All Over Print T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Leggings, and More!

Designing your own all over print apparel is easy! Choose from a variety of custom all over print blank templates and upload
your own images or designs with our customizer app. Get the same high quality printed apparel that is all yours.

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Designing Your Own Is Easy


What size and image types can I upload?

Make sure your uploaded image is a minimum 1500px on the shortest side. We recommend images that are portrait like vs landscape. Landscape will require more scaling. For best results use JPGs and PNGs.

Is the custom item printing in 360 degrees?

While the printing occurs on all parts of the item, the front and back are considered separate image spaces. You can use the same image for front and back or make it different. It’s important to note that images do not wrap from the front to the back.

Can I use any image?

You can use any image as long as you don't use a trademarked image.Also, for best results use one image for front and back when you want an overall design.

When I design my own, is it the same quality?

Designing your own apparel features the same high quality sublimation process all of our products feature. We use the same high grade fabrics and inks that you would get with any Yizzam product. To ensure your printed images are not pixelated or blurry please check that images you upload are at least 72dpi and 1500px or larger on the shortest side.

Can I add my own text?

Yes! You can add your text directly to your images for upload with your own image editing software. You can also use the text editor within the customizer tool. Remember that text embed in images may be cut off so you will need to scale it appropriately. Note that text does not wrap around the item as each item has a separate front and back layout.

Is it going to look exactly like it is on screen?

Because of the automation process the sleeves will be a blend of the image from the front and the back with an overall print. Also, because we sew in-house images will not line up perfectly.

How long does it take to get my custom item?

Once you place an order for a custom item, processing usually takes 3-5 business days which includes printing, assembly. Once your order is shipped, you will receive it in a another 4-6 days assuming standard shipping. At checkout you will have the option to choose expedited shipping if you want it faster. We pride ourselves on our fast production time especially compared to other custom apparel shops. All goods are manufactured in house and do not use any middlemen which eliminates a lot of waiting.

How do I clean this apparel?

Because we use a unique water based dye process where the image becomes a permanent part of the garment, we guarantee it will never peel, crack or flake like a regular print. Caring for your All Over Print apparel is easy. Simply wash in cold water and dry on low. Learn More

Can I resell my custom designs?

Sure! You can do this a few different ways. 1) When you create a custom design it stays in our system. Keep the item’s url and order a new one every time you sell an item. Choose your own markup value and sell it on your website, blog, etc. 2) Contact support about ordering a custom item in bulk at discounted rates if you plan to sell a lot of items. 3) Join our affiliate program and earn commissions from your custom items or any other items from our website when those you refer make a purchase.

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

Signing up is easy. Simply go to our affiliate program page and signup for free via our Share-A-Sale hosted affiliate program. You will earn 15% on all sales referred by you including your own custom items. For more information check out our affiliate program page